Friday, March 11, 2011

I Have Pretty Cool Siblings {or–A Big Announcement}

I dragged my sister out of bed at the horrible hour of seven thirty (well, at least she thought it was horrible) and took her out to the field behind our house to take some photos of me. I have about three photos that count as “senior photos,” so I have been really wanting to get some more. Because when you’re the photographer, who’s supposed to shoot you? =D I seriously have only three fine photos of myself from the past six months. So I thought we’d fix that.

Well, it took a lot of time but it was worth it. The light was gorgeous and absolutely perfect for a photoshoot. After my sister got tired of trying to follow my instructions, firmly insisting that she is not photographer, I got my brother out to help. (Who is now taller than me, even though he’s five years younger! =D) They both did a great job and we had fun.

And I think it was worth it – my brother and I agreed that he’ll pay me to film his movie…not bad since he’s mister moneybags! =D

(Big announcement at the end of this post!)

Bio Morning 058Bio Morning 076Bio Morning 102Bio Morning 118Bio Morning 222Bio Morning 305Bio Morning 293Bio Morning 299Bio Morning 223Bio Morning 229Bio Morning 272Bio Morning 277

My photographer looking a bit concerned…Bio Morning 282

Bio Morning 284

Bio Morning 289


Alright – what’s the big announcement?

Well, some of you know how much I love sewing…you’ve read my post on the wedding dresses and prom dress. I have decided to take it all to a new level by starting my own clothing design business! I will custom design and sew dresses, wedding gowns, costumes, and more for anyone interested. I also have put both a wedding dress and prom dress up for sale. Check it out on my new website – Tres Belle Fashions. I also have a Facebook page for my business here.

Check it out, tell your friends…I sew everything from doll clothes to quilted purses to wedding dresses – and I’d love to custom design and sew something for you one of you! =D


Katie said...

Gorgeous pictures, Hannah! You are so pretty!

Congratulations about your new design business! That's great! :)


May Amelia said...

HANNAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations! The site looks amazing and so professional. <3 If I was for sure going to prom (it's up in the air as of now), I would definitely order one from you!! And the pictures are gorgeous! I love the earrings =]

Hannah said...

Haha thank you both!! =DD

Oh, that's so sweet May!! =D

Mattea said...

nice!!! (poor maria :P)

i LOVE your website! it really DOES look professional!
Your dresses that you've made are really stunning. You've done an excellent job on sewing and photography. :D


Hannah said...

Haha thanks Mattea!! =D

Emily said...

beautiful pictures! The lighting is so great! Also, it's soooooo cool that you're starting a business!! =D So exciting! You're awesome!

Julia said...

Love the backlight in these pictures- and great job starting up a business! Awesome!

Hannah said...

Thank you, Julia! =D

Liz said...

these are great of you, your helpers did good.

wow way cool on your new buisness adventures.