Saturday, May 29, 2010

Honors Recital!

On Sunday ( in the afternoon!) we went to the theatre for my recital. We got there about an hour early so, I had time to calm down and get some photos. I was nervous walking up, but it went very well and I didn’t make any mistakes. (yeah!) (My sister Maria took the photo of me at the piano.) Afterwards there was a reception, and it was held next to this neat room with tall windows. The windows had no glass in them and were totally open to the outside…so I got some pictures there. =)  We had a lot of fun. Here are the photos! 


Honor's Recital! 116 Honor's Recital! 011 Honor's Recital! 017 Honor's Recital! 027 Honor's Recital! 033 Honor's Recital! 035 Honor's Recital! 047 Honor's Recital! 109

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Piano Rehearsal and Photography

I’m playing the piano in a recital this weekend, and today we had a rehearsal. I got some photos – here they are. The hall is just gorgeous!Honor's Recital Rehersal 055   Honor's Recital Rehersal 050
Honor's Recital Rehersal 052

I thought I’d put this next one in, too…I took it about three years ago, but it’s still a favorite! (I guess part of that is that it’s a self-photo…it took a lot to get that! =)  )


Monday, May 17, 2010

Picking Strawberries…With Camera in Hand

On Friday we went to pick strawberries. Here are the photos -

Strawberries! 252 Strawberries! 256 Strawberries! 002 Strawberries! 391 Strawberries! 257 Strawberries! 294 Strawberries! 300 Strawberries! 304 Strawberries! 314 Strawberries! 321 Strawberries! 330 Strawberries! 340 Strawberries! 347 Strawberries! 357 Strawberries! 384 Strawberries! 005 Strawberries! 011 Strawberries! 018 Strawberries! 019 Strawberries! 021 Strawberries! 029 Strawberries! 036 Strawberries! 066 Strawberries! 077 Strawberries! 088 Strawberries! 102 Strawberries! 104 Strawberries! 108 Strawberries! 114 Strawberries! 118 Strawberries! 131 Strawberries! 156 Strawberries! 200 Strawberries! 202 Strawberries! 207 Strawberries! 210 Strawberries! 219 Strawberries! 242