Wednesday, June 29, 2011

And Just to Let You Know...

This is going to be a hodge-podge post. ;) Because I'm such a bad blogger, things have piled up without me writing about them. So you, my dear readers, will hear about them now. All at once. Bullet-point style.

  • I've re-done the design for and this blog. Some things are still in the works, though, which means that the navigation on this blog and the website are *ahem* not functioning quite right yet. (I still have to write and configure the website pages)
  • Blogger is trying to take away our ability to edit HTML (more info on that here), so I've come up with a petition, asking them to give us back that ability. I would be so happy if my readers would sign it! ;)
  • I am taking all of July off to participate in Camp NaNoWriMo, and hopefully finish writing my historical-fiction novel. That means no graphic/web/blog designing, no fiddling around with my own blogs (except maybe a post or two on my writing blog), and no Facebook games. ;) And speaking of which...
  • ...I now own, and have the site and blog design set up. So yep - go check it out! =D
  • As we're talking writing here - I'm going to be publishing under the name of Belle Stone. After thinking about it, I thought it'd be best to do that, so that when I'm married I won't have to worry about changing my name. (And besides, I really like the name. A tip of the hat to Belle Boyd, a bow to Stonewall...pretty nice there. ;)  )
  • I just guest posted over here

 So that was my hodge-podge post. Oh, and like the cover for my book? I'm going to be getting a proof copy with the first 35,000 words here in a few days - I had to use my discount from NaNoWriMo by the thirtieth, which is why my proof won't be complete. But wow! will it be cool to see it when it comes, cover and all! I can't wait. And with that I'll leave you all - I need to get some more outlining done before "Camp" begins!