Thursday, May 19, 2011

Two Quick Updates

I've been telling myself over and over that I need to do a real post soon - something more than necessary updates. Hopefully that post will be coming soon, with photos. ;) For now, just know that the url of this blog is now instead of

Why? Well, (and don't tell anyone. ;)  ) I have just switched over to Wordpress *cue shrieks of horror and pain* and am in the long, fun process of switching everything over. I know, I know, it's terrible news. I've always, ALWAYS, been a Blogger person only, and have always disliked Wordpress.I've loved how simple Blogger is, how easy it is to change the html of any design. I've loved how open and available it is, and especially how custom domains can be used for free.


The disadvantage of Blogger is that it has less functions than Wordpress, making it more difficult to turn a Blogger blog into a website. As I have searched the internet high and low for a cheap, professional, customizable website creator, I've finally decided that Wordpress is the best option. More and more people are using it for their own websites, and customizing the code and layout of everything makes it much more flexible than Blogger.

Now. I will only be moving this blog to Wordpress. Every other blog (at least at this point) will be staying the same. I'll still be doing Blogger designs. But this blog will move, and I am considering offering my designing services to Wordpress users, too.

So, just a heads-up there - and forgive any confusion or mess when you try to get to the former url. =P Hopefully the new site and blog will be up in a few months, and everything will be completely settled! =D

In the meantime, want to enter a giveaway? Lucia from "From Under My Little Umbrella," is hosting this giveaway - and the prize is the Photographer's Special package from Beauty {free blog designs}! The package includes a blog, website, logo, and watermark. So head on over and enter!

(And I want to know - am I in big trouble since I've said that I prefer Wordpress to Blogger? Hehe don't be afraid if you chop my head off. ;)  )


Emily Grace said...

*gasp!* I can't believe you did that, Hannah! =P
jk, I know Wordpress is a better quality option. --I just am too confused by it and don't have the money for it. Not to mention I'm perfectly content with my blogger blog. =D

I'm looking forward to seeing the new changes. =)

May Amelia said...

I'm utterly horrified, dear Hannah, but.... I shall continue to grace your blog with my presence.
Haha ok, ok. :) It's not that bad but Wordpress is scary to me. ;) You are brave! I'm confused though how you can have a address and be connected to Wordpress. Odd! :)

Hannah said...

Hahaha I beg pardon of you both! ;) Yeah, it is a little scary...I'm just figuring it out myself. Well, what I've done is take the blog off the original url, and simply redirect users from that one to the blogspot one. Kinda confusing, but it better work for now! =D

OneofakindKnight said...

Don't you mean your URL is now when it was Your entry says the opposite, lol, like you were switching TO blogspot.

I have yet to try out Worldpress, it just seems more complicated to me, but then again, I don't edit my HTML much anymore (kinda forgot over the year or two I didn't do it, lol), though I admit I do need to play with my own current layout.

Hannah said...

OneofakindKnight - No, I meant what I said. When I wrote this post, I had switched my custom domain ( over to host gator and wordpress, so I defaulted this blog's url back to the normal blogspot url. I've since decided against going with Wordpress, so everything is back to normal domain-wise. =D

Yes, Wordpress is more complicated. Since it works by using PHP pages, there are more things going on than just plain old CSS and HTML. If I had the time I'd love to experiment with it, though! =D

Good luck with your html! =D