Friday, May 27, 2011

A Retraction and a Prom Dress (JoAnn Prom Dress Contest 2011)

So, I freaked you all out with my last post. =( Sorry. After about a week of experimenting with Wordpress, and then doing a new website for my Dad’s new book, I’ve decided NOT to go with Wordpress. *Cue cheers*
Frankly, I’ve just decided that knowing Blogger templates like I do, it would be pretty silly to try and learn all about Wordpress, pay a host, and spend ten times more time on one website. I just don’t have the resources for that right now. (And of course, I’m much more comfortable with Blogger. ;)  ) So that’s my retraction. is now waiting to be designed, and this blog is back to normal with its usual url.
Now, on to more interesting subjects. =D I just finished the prom dress I’m entering in JoAnn’s 2011 prom dress contest this week, and I got photos last night! =D Here they are…my sister Maria is modeling the dress.carrie_underwood_purple_one_shoulder_taffeta_gown_2010_cma
First off, here’s my inspiration for the dress – (that’s Carrie Underwood, by the way.) Unfortuantely, JoAnn had a very limited supply of purple, fancy materials. (In order to enter the contest, you have to buy your supplies from JoAnn) So I had to go with a darker dress and lighter skirt – the opposite of Carrie’s. I do think it works, though…at least I hope so! =D
There’s obviously not a pattern you can buy to duplicate the dress, so I took a whole day to study that picture, come up with my own pattern, and cut the dress and skirt out. It was very hard and intense (especially when I thought about the fact that I spent over fifty dollars on the materials!) but I was so relieved with how things turned out.
The beading took forever. I spent three whole days on it, and used almost two large bags of glass beads and quite a few sequins. But, as Maria and I have been collecting Little House seasons, I had plenty of episodes to watch while working on it. ;) So here are photos of the finished product…

Prom...or not 378back-viewProm...or not 381

Prom...or not 048Prom...or not 346Prom...or not 483

Prom...or not 431

Prom...or not 533Prom...or not 342

Prom...or not 044


Katie said...

Beautiful, beautiful dress, Hannah! Just lovely! You did a fabulous job! :)


Mary Catherine said...

Oh. My. Word. That is ridiculously gorgeous. I have only a minuscule amount of skill with a sewing machine (read: tote bag) and could never make something that gorgeous!! I hope that you win!!
--Love MCat

Jess said...

The brick wall picture is my favorite, and the dress looks amazing. (So does Maria!) Are you actually going to wear it? We could have a formal wear dress up adventure when I return and all wear formal dresses and go take pictures in Reynolda Gardens and then go to Starbucks or something equally ridiculous!

Hannah said...

Haha thanks Jess! =D Oooh, that would be so fun!!! We should totally do that! =D

Mattea said...

oh - my - goodness. that's insanely, amazingly FABULOUS!!!!! i CAN'T believe you made that, it just made me awestruck!! how do u do it so well?? how long have you been sewing exactly? I really liked Carrie Underwood's dress, but I think that (since both are so amazing) yours will have to rank as #1. Because I really like the different purple shades you picked. Are you going to sell it or something? I'd sell it for $300. ;) just thought I'd add my opinion in there :P
love you and keep up the good work and if you don't win...then the judge is being ridiculous. OR...there are some more very talented girls like yourself in this world.

Hannah said...

Hahaha thanks Mattea!! =D I've been sewing for about nine years. I'm going to sell it if I can...though for some reason it hasn't been easy to advertise my dresses down here. =P Oh well, I'll keep trying! =D

<3 you too! =D

Melody said...

Oh wow, that is insanely gorgeous! I'm especially impressed that you made up the pattern for it... I only have pretty basic sewing skills, and the thought of even deviating from a pattern scares me. The dress is so beautiful, though - you did a fantastic job! :)


Emily Grace said...

Stunning, absolutely stunning! Hannah, you are so talented! =D
I've been sewing for quite a while(quilts, dresses, bags, etc) but I've never even thought of making up my own pattern--I'd be so scared that it would completely flop! =P I am very impressed. =)

p.s. your posts aren't showing up on my dashboard. ???

Hannah said...

Thanks, you guys! =D Emily, I think the posts aren't showing up because I changed the url of the should fix it. It's so annoying, though. =P Oh well! =D

Emily said...

Hi Hannah! I just found your blog and I must's awesome! I love this dress! It's so beautiful. Seriously, very cool :)

Hannah said...

Aw, thanks Emily!! =D

Hannah said...

amazing! I wish i could do that!

{Hannah} said...

That dress is lovely Hannah. You did a fantastic job on it!

By the way, I love your new design - it's so pretty! :)

Naruto said...

I posted the dress but haven't heard any from JoAnn yet. Did you hear from them? Did they pick Top 20 already?

Hannah said...

Hey Naruto!

No, I didn't hear from them, unfortunately. =( They called the finalists on July 8th.