Friday, September 3, 2010

My Wedding Dress…

…that’s not for me. =) No, I started sewing wedding dresses when I was fourteen for our county fair – there was a category for “formal dresses,” so I thought “why not sew a wedding dress? The only difference between it and a normal dress is extra fabric, some lining and maybe some more advanced sewing techniques.” So I sewed one -



(hand embroidery on the veil)


This year I am doing another dress…and here are my plans. I’ve already sewn about half of it…and am now working on beading it. =)


Raleigh Day Trip 008Raleigh Day Trip 009Raleigh Day Trip 010Raleigh Day Trip 013


I’ll post photos of the finished dress when it’s done. I’m also attempting to sell my first wedding dress, and will be selling this next dress after October…so if anyone needs a wedding dress…



Mattea said...

wow, Hannah! It looked as if it cost $$$! You did SUCH a great job! who wore the dress? I can't wait to see your new one. =D

~Matty <3

Hope Marie said...

I love the dress!Ummm this may sound dumb but how do you get your name on your pictures?

Allie said...

So beautiful! That is amazing that you made that! I can't wait to see the next one! Just by the drawings I can already tell that it is beautiful too!

Hannah said...

Mattea - Ha ha...yeah, I had fun with it! One of my friends modeled it for me - we had fun with the photoshoot! (It was my first time working with someone outside my family, and I'm afraid I didn't do as well as I wanted to, but we still had fun) =)

Hope Marie - Your question isn't dumb at all! =) I use Picasa (a free download from Google) to put my name on. They let you put whatever text you want on your photos, and they also let you position them at any angle you want. =)

Allie - Thanks so much! Yeah, I'm excited about the next one, too! ;)