Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Surprise 16th Birthday Party

On Friday my church threw a surprise B-day party for me…and we had a blast! I was totally surprised and enjoyed every minute of it. Here are some of the photos from that night and some from the following Monday…

On Saturday we went to a concert at Wake Chapel with some friends...just to explain those photos. =)


Mattea said...

Hey Hannah! I'm Mattea Roslansky...I don't know if you remember or know me, but our parents are good friends. I was recently looking at your blog. IT'S GREAT!!! given that I want to be a photographer! I LOVE taking pictures...especially using different lighting and stuff. but how do you make it blurred our caved in on the sides...and all COOL??? do you have a special kind of camera??? I have REALLY enjoyed looking at your blog...I'm glad you have one!!! :-)

Hannah said...

Hi Mattea! Yes, I totally remember you and your family! =) That's neat that you want to be a photographer, too! =)

To get the blurred effect I use Picasa - it's a free program with Google. I use the "soft focus" special effect. But really, I think what's influenced my photos the most is just looking at other photographers' blogs and reading photography books. Seeing how other people set up photos (as in angles, etc.) has been amazingly helpful. =) I have a Canon Powershot SX20 IS - it's a point-and-shoot, but really I think that no matter what camera you have, you can still get really good photos - like taking a photo at an angle instead of face on, or zooming in farther than you might normally, etc. I've only just begun to discover this, and it's really changed how I take photos.

I'm glad you enjoy my blog...and it's great to reconnect with you! =)

Wow, this turned out to be more of an email than a comment... =)