Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 3 {favorite book}

It's day 3! Wow, I don't know that I can pick just one book! I love LOTR, Annie Between The States, Shirley, Jane Eyre, P&P, S&S, The Land, Emma, Northanger Abbey,, I don't know. Alright. I'll go with Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens.

(They movie is also amazing, by the way!) ;)

The book is about the rich in England - how wealth took over some, and how others learned that love is more valuable than money. It's full of humor and tragedy and everything in between. If you haven't read it, I advise you to pick up a copy as soon as possible!! ;) It really is an amazing book. (And is chock-full of mystery! Everything is finally resolved only in the last few pages!)


May Amelia said...

Ever since I read "Great Expectations" I've been terrified of Charles Dickens. Maybe I should get this movie first and then read the book? =]

Emily Grace said...

Hemm, never heard of that one...I'll have to check it out sometime. =D

Hannah said...

Ha ha - yeah, May I think you should! (There is one scene we skip, just to let you know. ;) ) It is an odd mixture of tragedy and humor, though...there are scenes I almost cried through, and scenes that had us all laughing so hard we almost cried.

You should, Emily! ;)

maria said...

hahahaha May! Same here-I STILL haven't finished that book!!

Hannah-you forgot to mention the scene to SKIP! :P


Mattea said...

I don't really like Charles Dickens, he's kind of 'sad', and funny sometimes. If you know what I mean.
I like the book Ella Enchanted! It is MUCH better that the movie, though I do think Anne Hathaway does a good job. ;-)