Friday, November 19, 2010

Excerpt Number Four!

Here's the fourth excerpt! I've really been trying to write a lot - it's so surprising how far behind you can get if you don't write for three days!! =S So far I'm at 17,142 words...and I need to be at 31,667. Oh, well...I'll get there at some point. Tell me what you think!!

“Matthew. Come in here,” hissed Mark, motioning Matthew to enter the stall.
“ Why are we whispering?” asked Matthew, ducking inside.
“Well, I don’t want everyone to hear,” said Mark. “Listen, what would you think of joining the Stonewall Brigade?”
“The Stonewa…What?” asked Matthew in surprise.
“You know. General Jackson’s brigade? They fought so well at Manassas and – “
“I know who Stonewall is, Mark,” replied Matthew. “But you know Papa told us to stay here! How would he feel to have us disobey him? Besides, I’d be frightened to disobey him.”
“Listen, Matthew,” said Mark in his most convincing tone. “We have a duty to the Confederate States of America. President Davis has called for volunteers, and it would be wrong of us to not listen to that call. Besides, do you really want to go through the war constantly hearing everyone in town mocking you for not being in the army? I am not a coward!” Mark exclaimed, pounding his fist down on the top of the wooden stall divider.
“Mark, I am not a coward either,” said Matthew, trying to calm his brother down.
“Then let’s go!” Mark cut his brother off.
“No, Matthew. I have had enough of people telling me their opinions on our status here. Even Robert Lacy was berating me for not joining! Come on, Matthew…you cannot seriously abide it!”
Matthew stuck his hands deep in his trouser pockets. 

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Emily said...

ooh I like it!!! You're a good writer!

Hannah said...

Thanks Emily! =)