Sunday, October 10, 2010

HRP {blog designs}

I finished all my pages on my design site - click here to see them all!

I also created some blog buttons for my blogs -




And thank you so much to all my 25 followers! I really appreciate you all - seeing the "25 followers" in Blogger home yesterday made my day! Thanks for taking interest in my photography and everyday doings. <3


Phoenix Light Photography said...

Make that 26 followers :)

Hannah said...

Yeah!! Thank you!

Iona N. said...

Oh my gosh Hannah, how can you only have 27 followers, yet, you are an amazing designer and blogger? You should have way more. I love all of my 23 followers. And even though you have 27, be grateful. Love the design girl!


Hannah said...

Oh, thanks, Iona! That's sweet. =)