Friday, September 10, 2010

Photo Entries for the Fair!

Today I sorted through my hundreds of photos and came up with what are (in my mind!) my eight best. It was extremely hard to narrow it down to eight, but I finally made my selections. =) Here they are.
Color Photo – People
Mrs. Kirby and Tanglewood =) 219
Color Photo – Animals
Spring! (March) 073
Color Photo – Other
Camping Trip 2010 267
Color Photo – Sports
Guilford Courthouse 2010 119
Black and White Photo – People
Mrs. Kirby and Tanglewood =) 372
Black and White Photo – Animals
Baby Nathan! 074 - Copy
Black and White Photo – Other
Park Time! (April) 388Park Time! (April) 388 - Copy
Digital Manipulation – Any Subject
Which one is your favorite?


Emily said...

they're all amazing!! I think I like the black and white people one and the black and white animal one the best! =) good job!

Hannah M said...

Oh, they're all so lovely! I wish you would make them bigger - they seem so tiny right now, and they'd look beautiful blown up a bit:)

I love the second and third ones!

Love and Blessings,
Hannah M

Hannah said...

Thanks! =)

Yeah, I think I will resize them, Hannah, they do look kind of small! =)

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

You are asking me to choose a favorite? Can't do it!

Hannah said...

Ha ha, thanks! That's so sweet. =)

Mattea said...

Yikes, this is extremely difficult! But I'm since I have to chose...I'll say the B&W Animal and Other photos. I REALLY like horses, and that close up of his eye was super amazing.
And then the sweet touch of the baby to his mother. OH...
(who was the babe anyway?)


Hannah said...

Thanks! The baby is the son of one of my mom's former students. I had the pleasure of taking that photo when he was just a few hours old! =)