Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Finally up...

Okay - it's rough, but I have a form up for those of you'd like a free blog makeover/button/header. I'm working on redesigning my main blog and my blog design site - so try not to cringe too much when you see my blog design site! =D Be forewarned, though, I'm extremely busy for the next two weeks, so it's fine to fill out the form - just don't expect your finished product any sooner than four weeks from the time you contact me. Sorry for the inconvenience - our church, which my dad is the pastor of, is doing a booth at the fair this year...and my siblings and I are helping my dad out by working at the booth. =) We're excited, but it'll be very busy! (That's why I won't be able to work on designing!) Speaking of the fair - I need to get off the computer and finish tagging my entries - we're turning things in tomorrow!!