Monday, September 13, 2010

Day in Raleigh


As part of our vacation, our family took a trip to Raleigh to go to the Museum of Science. Here are the photos!


Raleigh Day Trip 091Raleigh Day Trip 034Raleigh Day Trip 041Raleigh Day Trip 049Raleigh Day Trip 060Raleigh Day Trip 080Raleigh Day Trip 113Raleigh Day Trip 118Raleigh Day Trip 152

Couldn’t resist this!



Raleigh Day Trip 170

Raleigh Day Trip 176

Micaiah the beekeeper. =) (he wasn’t too happy about his picture being taken! =D)




Raleigh Day Trip 185Raleigh Day Trip 186Raleigh Day Trip 187Raleigh Day Trip 189

Yes…we parked our 11 passenger van in a bus parking spot…



Emily said...

great pictures!!

Hannah said...

Thanks! =)

Mattea said...

:-( meaning, we have friends that just recently moved there! and I miss them TERRIBLY!!!!!

:-) meaning, I'm very happy for you guys, it looks like you had an amazing time!!!

~Matty ;-D

Hannah said...

Ha ha, yes, we did! =)

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

Nice work... It looks like a fun day!

Hannah said...

Thanks! Yea - it was!